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Originally Posted by CDN_Stalker View Post
Sure you can, it's easy! Just empty the powder and shot from shells, put the wad back in, load it with BBs and crimp it closed again. The primer should have enough power to push the BBs out at a reasonable velocity. Lol
Actually, the primer alone ain't sufficient to push out the whole lot (BBs + wad) out of the barrel. (20" Rem 870 in my case) You'll require at least 1.5 grain of quick powder ( I"ve been using Titegroup), to obtain approximately 300-320 FPS. Very inconsistent results too.

Since the combustion of the powder created very low pressures (compared to a real load), the combustion is incomplete and extremely dirty. The Shotgun fouls up really quickly.

Been there, tried it : bad idea.
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