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Effects of Gun Lube?

Hi guys

I am aware that most websites instruct you to use silicone lubricant on your barrel. What are the effects of this? Most websites said to use the oil as it apparently reduces friction, however I read somewhere about a guy that actually did testing on an airsoft gun using, no lubricant, 100% silicone lubricant, and WD-40. Surprisingly, the guy found that using silicone lubricant gave the lowest muzzle velocity, and WD-40 the highest. Do not ask me to cite this, as I read it some time last year, or maybe two years ago.

I used to use silicone oil on my guns, but I noticed a drop in accuracy when I did use it. I then did some more research, and it said to clean out the excess oil. The accuracy was slightly better, but it still took a few hundred shots before any coherent consistency to become apparent.

I doubt it was because of the quality of the silicone oil, because 1 was classic army silicone and the other was AirsoftAtlanta silicone oil.

I recently got a new barrel and hop up rubber, so I was wondering whether or not I should lubricate it.

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