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Originally Posted by Amos View Post
Actually yes --

I did some pretty extensive testing today...

I took out ALL my upgrades, returned the gun all the way back to stock and tested only different cylinder bulbs. The gun is a Tokyo Marui MEU... and despite being completely stock there still is some minor problems that'll give a "weak shot" every once in a while.

Completely stock I was getting roughly 260 FPS and about 40ish shots (propane at about 19*C)
Firefly cylinder bulb I was getting roughly 267 FPS and about 36ish shots (propane at about 19*C)
ARS one I was getting about 283 FPS and about 32ish shots (propane at about 19*C)
I am assuming .2s but I know with GBB people like to use higher? Eitherwya nice results and for 15$, pshhh.
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