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Originally Posted by Shatter View Post
edit: they upgrade the guns to above 407 fps and import them like real steel firearms. You still need a BFL for that though.
That's not the magic number (yes that was the old magic number that PK used but it's not that anymore), I'll let you find that out on your own. (And I don't think I can release what it is anyways).

Originally Posted by ex View Post
Nope...try again. There is a thread here on this very subject and it's not too old. I'll let you guys find it though.
They can't see it cause it was moved to the AV section. /endshamelessplugforav

In short get AV'ed and you'll see.

PS: In the end it may or may not be worth it to bring in a single gun due to scale economies. ie. the difference between buying 1 bar of soap vs a 20 pack from costco (except that 1 bar might cost the same as 5 bars in the end due to possible testing and such that may be requested (at your own expense and also not guaranteed to be released that fast either, could take a week could take a year or more to get to testing and getting it released)).
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