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When your part of a team running a huge fuck off game and your off charging umpteen bloody batteries for people only to come back to camp to discover that someone has picked up your brand new gbb that had never been used, fired it, dropped it in the sand, then fired it again completely wrecking it. Only to have them neither apologize nor replace it and then they continue to show up to games your at all the while pretending it never happened. Oh yea, and one of those batteries was for him.

Or when you get to a game, load up and get on the field only to come back to your gear and discover that your missing all your ammo now as people seem to think that ammo is bloody communal.

Someone photo shopping someone else into a picture at tim hortons with a G36 and having the entire community go apeshit over it because they honestly believe that someone who's been involved with airsoft for neigh 20 years would do such a damn thing.

People that forget that dboards are just that. Don't assume you know anything about anyone from what they say on the boards, When I started out I was a douche like that, I hated madmorbius because I figured he was a big blowhard ***with a tiny dick, I was wrong.... His dick is huge***... Te guy totally proved me wrong, was very down to earth and friendly (in his own special way). Thus I learned a valuable lesson, don't assume you know anything about anyone going into a game, keep the boards off the field and go into each game with a positive outlook.

Oh yea, being unable to play for years because of a disability and personal crisis and having to watch you wankers from a distance for several years.. Bastards..

Just so Im clear.. everything contained within the ***...*** area is a joke to lighten the air after all the bitching... as well, some of these grips are damn near 8 years old so don't start.

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