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Location: Duncan, BC (just North of Victoria)
Groups on the Island:

1) South Island Rangers: play on wildlife conservatory on the malahat, but I dont know if they are even active anymore as their site is down and no contact with anyone

2) Central Island Airsoft ( Based mostly out of Nanaimo but plays in both Duncan and Nanaimo. On of the older groups and fairly active.

3) Northern Arms Airsoft (Facebook page: younger group but most active on the island. They arrange most games now a days (well, I do most of the organizing) and are located in Duncan and have their own private field (with a washroom)

4) Lower Island Airsoft: Victoria Group that mostly has been adopted into Northern Arms as a natural progression.. not sure that you can say it exists anymore but all the members are members of Northern arms as well

5) Ucluelet: Ukee Guys or Section 8 ( Ucluelet based and very active as well.. they end up joining us for our games here around cowichan valley/nanaimo but I know we're gonna be going up there as well.

We have about 50-60 active (regular) players in these groups and we mostly all play together cuse... well, why not. For more info please feel free to PM me as I'm in contact with all of these except the South Island Rangers
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