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Originally Posted by ts10z View Post
Piss off buddy. Im not allowed to be pissed that after listening to EVERYONE tell me to get age verified and then finally getting it done, and still be waiting. By any chance you arent one of those "When i was a kid I had to walk ten miles each way to school. In the snow. Uphill. Both ways." kind of people are you.
Unfortunately this is a slow but necessary process to help prevent the sale and distribution of airsoft to minors. Try to liken it too a government ID, you submit your information or take your test and it takes a few weeks to arrive, it is a pain in the ass but its better then having unlicensed drivers running around. Also try to remember that this community is staffed by volunteers that have lives and schedules and the demands of a massive community can be very time consuming, even more so if they where to attempt to do everything as it comes up.

Having said this I can understand your frustration, but taking it out on Kalnaren won't accelerate the process of getting your AV tag. Also this really is not the place to have this sort of discussion.

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