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I say neither. What I got from your other thread was that you have your gear right?

Well just get a rental (privately usually, just ask around if anyone has a loaner), some BB's and your geat and go out to the field. No use in worrying about this stuff.

Show up in your BDU's, Boots, and Goggles pick up your rental and play for a day (as well get AV'ed). Also bring, lunch/snacks (A HEALTHY lunch not just Doritos and Twinkies) and a 4 litre jug of water (Careful about this, also have a bottle of gatorade handy or premix some gatorade crystals into your water, don't want to be losing all your salts and developing Hyponatremia which can lead to death).

THEN Once you can see the options available to you (after you meet up with an AV rep (MAKE SURE THERE IS ONE ATTENDING THE GAME!), they submit your info and the switch gets flipped and you see your shiny AV tag) pick something you like and get it. You'll probably be kicking yourself in the ass for not waiting and buying a gun when you could have waited for 2 weeks and browsed the classifieds.
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