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Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post
LMG36 (only useable on some fields seeing as it's NOT a real world LMG)
PKM (that's right, it exists in airsoft)
Browning M1919 (the allied WW2 waterjacket LMG)
Browning M2
The M60 abortion of a machinegun and it's many variants
And the HK23 or 21, I believe redwolf makes it as a custom gun
The MG42 and MG34 are extremely rare (made by shoei or ultima); I doubt you can find one in Canada. The Browning M1919 is made by viva arms or it is custom build again not easy to find. The 3 most commons one are the RPK, the M249 and the M60 (mg36 does not technically count).
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