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Originally Posted by Long_Bong View Post
Not sure about that going no mask approach, over the last year, I ve seen 3 persons having a teeth broken in a CQB game... I was responsible for one incident and the velocity involve was nothing insane (M500 chinese clone shotgun running with propane in 6 mm shooting 5 bbs, one of them when for Digi teeth ) Range was about 50 ft I would said...

Bleeder is part of it, loosing a teeth, I will skip it...
Do you have any idea how much fps on that Clone M500 shotgun ? If you chrono 1 BB alone on hot day, it could reach almost 450 fps to 500 fps with .20 g BB. It doesn't shot very consistent though and since it shot 6 BBs each pump, it probably lower but still sometime it does strange thing.

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