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Originally Posted by etd View Post
My box, mech box and instruction manual state cyma. To my knowledge jp, cyma and King arms all make sig 556s. Unfortunately I don't own any m4 type stocks so I can't verify if it's a jp only issue.
Sorry for the slight necro.

All three make their own SiG556s. King Arms obviously makes their own, it's easily the most expensive one. CYMA also manufactures a SiG556, from what I understand, it is also in co-operation with CyberGun and is the second most expensive of the three. JP also manufactures it's own SiG556, and it is the cheapest of the three.

From what I understand, JP sells their SiG 556 with a standard STANAG mag, where-as CYMA sells theirs with a Thermold mag. Also from what I've gathered, JP's metal body is made of aluminum, where-as CYMAs is made of something else. Haven't been able to identify what CYMA is using for their metal body. As well, apparently JP's metal body is a little bit different from both CYMA and King Arms, and the trigger guard is also different.

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