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Originally Posted by skittles13 View Post
thank guys for all the advice

looks like i was indeed on the right track, but i admit i DID underestimate the nessesity of food and water so the vest i buy is definatly going to have to be able to have a bladder on it, as well as fit the aparently awkward G36 mags.

one question though. why all the hate on the highcaps?

is it for realism sake?
Hi caps unfortunately generate a bb hose mentality in some cases, Also they rattle and therefore give away your position, which also sucks. Where as Mids, Lows and Real caps are generally preferred as they foster a more reasonable fire rate and a healthy respect for reloading.

In terms of realism its up to the player to decide and the game type. Hicaps are fine for a scrim, But if you have any plans on attending milsim events you will want to invest in lows and mids or possibly real caps.
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