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Nothing for now. That's pretty good for starting out and kind of what we want to see for a first game (either that or renting some stuff and going out to the surplus to buy other things like boots and BDU's).

Don't be a retard and you'll fit in nicely (oh and get a $4 can of krylon flat or ultra flat and go at it to cover up that active camo).

Experience, which only comes with gaming, this obviously isn't like video games and airsoft is more akin to a "musket" than a modern day rifle in the way the projectile (the BB) is fired because there's no rifling per se rather it's just a smooth tube that air compression pushes a BB out the end.

No mistakes that I can see. Just go to the field and get AV'ed is the only thing that's pretty much left to do. Then you'll regret not waiting and want to spend your paycheque on another gun.
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