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advice for starting gear and first game (NOT a what to buy thread)

Here is a list of what i have, and what i have on the way

SRC G36-e (gen 3)
2 hi cap mags
1 9.6V 1600mA NiMH re-chargeable battery and an auto cut-off charger

Multicam digital camo set
surplus canadian army combat boots
paintball goggles

crappy tire spring shotgun (fires 3 shots at once and uses shotgun shells as mags)
crappy tire spring pistol

im working on finding a tac vest that suits me and my needs, but since i dont really know what i need yet im saving it for last so that i make a good choice on it.

it started with just a bunch of guys playing clearsoft at a farm and has ended in 3 of us deciding to make the leap to real airsoft.

what i would liek to know is really:

what else do i need?
what should i know so that i dont look like a complete noob?
how can i not be useless ?
have i made any huge mistakes so far?
any advice/words of encouragement/random thoughts/questions
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