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Originally Posted by teriases View Post
P.S - for TTAC3, and practical shooting courses, which GBB pistol is the best? My personal fav and what I am planning to get is the 1911 MEU, a few people on here have advised its accurate and a pistol with a nice build. But I was also looking at the M9 IA version(if I'm not mistaken, with the bottom 20mm rail)... Also, friend recommended the Glock 27, which is small and easy to pull from my cross-draw holster. Any recommendations? What are most of you guys using? Choices choices....
I have a 1911 and I love it, but if you're planing on using your pistol frequently as a primary or using it for CAPS style target shooting then go with the hicapa. The hicapa is basically a doublestack version of the 1911. I went with the 1911 specifically because I have small hands and find guns with double stack mags don't fit my hands well. If you're interesting in tricking out your pistol then you should definitely go with the hicapa, the bulk of pistol upgrades out there are all for the hicapa. And get a TM hicapa if you do get one, since all the upgrades are for TM. Yeah, other pistols are TM compatible, but that's not quite the same.

The M9 is a good solid sidearm. If all you want is a good sidearm and backup weapon then the M9 is a great choice. They're fairly common as well, so you'll be able to get one for a decent price.

Glocks in airsoft are like Glocks in real steel, functional, reliable weapons. But in my mind Glocks just don't have any soul. If you're one of those people that like glocks then go for it, if not go with the 1911, Hicapa or M9.

Another thing that concerns alot of people when it comes to pistols is full metal or not. ABS is more efficient, and all the higher quality manufacturers tend to only produce in ABS. But for those that only want a pistol as a sidearm, well full metal just looks and feels so much nicer, generally better kick as well. The downsides to full metal are they use more gas to move the heavier slide (this is particularly a concern in singlestack guns like the 1911) and generally cause more wear on the parts.

Upgrading the higher quality abs guns to full metal is possible but very expensive. It usually easily doubles the cost of the weapon if not more. Illusion is the guy to talk to about pistol upgrades. There's a couple of guys, Illusion included who sometimes build and sell upgraded pistols, frequently in full metal. But you're looking at a price tag of $700-$1300.

The brand names you generally want to keep an eye out for are TM or WA for the higher quality abs pistols, particularly TM. And KJW for reasonably priced, reasonable quality full metal guns. Stay away from WE's, they have a bad tendency to rip themselves to pieces quite quickly. Don't bother with the cansoft hybrids (clear or smoked abs receivers), wait till your AV goes through and get a full black pistol out of the classifieds or ASC retailers.
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