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I like the idea of bigger packaging as well, I go through alot of BB's and I always pour them into a storage tube that holds about 4000 and I can pour it into loaders easily. I always reorg the ammo out of any BB bags so the more the better.

In regards to the silica's. I shot the BB bastard silicas at Zeon's game and so did several others that had samples. I used all 2000 and had to go to my back up clear BB's. Never once saw anyone complain, notice they were silica, get an eye put out or run away screaming in pain. I know some people took headshots (Blanks) and it was not noticeable. I shot at the bus windows trying to get people inside, the windows did not break. Bear in mind the engagement distances were mostly between 20 and 150 feet.
Up close and personal at less than 15 feet (like I would with any heavy BB) I was not shooting at the face, teeth or head area. As I have stated before any BB at that range will crack a tooth.

If anything I noticed more people not calling their hits because they could not see the BB's hitting them. They could feel and hear them, then they would just look around and wonder what happened and play on. That was frustrating and a side effect of clear BB usage.

I am only now getting better at tracking the clear BB's and you definitely need good eyesight and practice to use these properly at distance. But when you get it down the effect is awesome.


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