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I'm not fully versed in the reaction of BB's to humidity/ to say, "I want to buy a pail full..." might be irresponsible if they're just going to get ruined over the season by improper storage on my part.

I don't know if you receive your supply prepackaged/bagged/boxed already....or just receive 50gallon drums of them, which are then packaged locally. If it saves on packaging work...I'd skip the consumer-side need for packaging.

I've got LOTS of empty BBBastard bags (I'm sure a lot of guys do). I've got other containers suitable for "bulk" BBs as well.'d like to be able to send in a container, say "filler up with 0.xx g BBs" and have it shipped back. I'm assuming you sell by packaged weight and don't actually count unit quantities ...and would just "bulk-food store scoop" them in until it's full. I'd just fill my "go to game" kit with scoops of BB's and take what I need in the packaging I have.

I go though LOTS of ammo testing and troubleshooting'd be nice to just scoop BBs out of a bucket vs. tearing open baggie after baggie.

The last 4 games (2 months span) have consumed a min of 10 bags of ammo between 3 of us (claymores, 40mm grenades are the worst culprits)...and we haven't even taken a SAW/LMG out yet. I have a sneaking suspicion that it's going to be a gangbuster year for games. The cost of the ammo isn't so much an issue ('cause it's for fun!) but running around gathering ammo here and there is a pain in the butt. I had 6 bags of ammo beginning of I'm down to the dregs and just enough for 2 good solid games.

But...if you receive them pre-packaged and have to incur more expense or headaches to receive them otherwise...then that's the way it is.

@ Blackthorne
- root cause is that we are going through A LOT of ammo
- travel and time to get BB's by the bag every week
- if local game Bastard runs out guys are scrambling for the next game...or showing up to the game without ammo. If Dereck hadn't been there to sell BBs (i.e. slept in, got sick, car broke down)...there would have been dozen+ guys at that last game with nothing to shoot.

Note: Maybe I should become a BBbastard Jr....

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