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Originally Posted by m102404 View Post
I have a lot of respect for Jay for standing firm on his stance of distancing himself from the testing (repeatedly, consistently, continually ) of any/all of his products.
Yes, I want to be impartial, and not seen to be manipulating testing or opinions. Airsofters are very critical of their gear and vendors who make gratuitous or unsubstantiated claims. Things like vendor employees posing as players posting glowing reviews with account signups of 2 weeks and zero post counts in other threads looks really impartial and professional and this board will find that out fast and pick your bones clean.

I do testing, but its not scientific and I don't post it because there is a lot of personal opinion I would put in that would create arguments. And at the end of the day I don't want to be labeled a shill.

As for the safety of the product - if I didn't think it was safe, I wouldn't sell it - I am past that. In my non-scientific opinion based on the collective testing and opinion of people here, including one of my competitors with a similar product, the results say time and time again, that yes, there are additional considerations due to the material, BUT, its no less safe than the risk you're already taking with non-silica. Therefore, its up to the individual player to form a judgement and for me to step back and let that debate occur without partisan influence. I don't know, but to me thats the most honest approach I can take, but I'm more than willing to hear anyone's opinion who thinks I wrong on that stance.

...risking financial stability (i.e. the massive stocks of 0.28's that he almost had to feed his kids with a year or two back) or cancelling an existing product line because they're proven to be substandard/not-wanted.
Heheheh, lol, someone knows my history. I'm getting better at it, and as of yesterday, BB Bastard went corporate, so its not longer a sole proprietorship, taking that financial burden off me. I've also got a very smart and experienced board of directors now who are forming the company up for me - I'm staying on the sales and product development side, but what it means is greater access to capital, facilities and shortly, less inventory issues and a wider product line (more about that soon) but remaining focused on ammunition and ammunition peripherals.

Personally...I hate the fucking bags that he sells them in. I'd rather buy by the pail full...and just put it into the collection of bags/bottles that I already have. The empty bags (while well made) are too big for storing RDS batteries/odds and ends....and too small for packing radios/headsets/etc...
WOW thats the first time I've gotten that type of feedback on the bags! What would be your alternative? do you want a higher quantity option or a different form factor? This is why I love this board - I am when it comes down to it I am a lazy fucker, so when tidbits like this come out, it justifies my approach I think.

Renegade) was stunned that he sold out so fast at the last FR game. If the sign up is looking the same for next one, he needs to bring 30-50% more than he did this time. Heavier weights 0.28's are clutch at FR...the open surroundings and shots from one hill to another need a heavier BB to carry predictably. Even then when the wind died down there's still enough breeze to hook long shots.
I was too - I've since resupplied him - he isn't far from me. If Z keeps these sort of games up, I'll have to allocate FR a lot more stock. I've already up the qty on my May/June shipment on that basis.
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