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Justice for airgun shooting...

I'm not sure anyone else has seen this

but what the public sees is yet another group of teens (15-16 year olds) who do a drive by shooting of another kid with an airsoft rifle. I know that these were Wallmart/Canadian Tire guns. However, most of the population that reads this may look at airsoft in a negitive light. This is exactly why ASC has their age verification. Can you imagine these guys buying a fully colored AK and doing this, or a gun upgraded to 400fps. This is where most of the bad press for airsoft comes from.

Lastly I don't understand the idea of no charges laid, especially to the "adult" who was driving. My understanding of the criminal code is that a crime commited with an airgun face the same punishment as the same crime commited with a firearm. It's probably best for the airsoft community if no charges are laid and this blows over with just school discipline, but it makes you think.
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