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Originally Posted by teriases View Post
Uhhh yea... you know what. I'm just going to take a high road and just out right ignore you. Very tempted to start a flame war, but no. Nice try buddy. And no Mr. Pirate... if you read carefully what I wrote, I was talking about airsoft in general - how it has low recoil and is accurate... About the UMP, it was a joke. Just to refine my point that airsoft has more usage possibility then real firearms.

Anyhow, back on topic - Suppressive fire would be really nice. Since you can pin down someone or a group and your team can flank them. With a SAW you would probly have enough ammo to do this properly and it would be the most realistic role if you had that gun.
Of course because I spend all my day on here, flaming people, who i believe dont know a thing. I have better things to do, i just found it funny how he asked a question and all you replied with was a project you had converting your UMP into a DMR. If it was a joke, dont post it up, didnt seem like one to me or anyone else for that matter.

If someone posts a question, dont ramble about your airsoft problems.
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