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Originally Posted by [SIK] Piér View Post
Yo man, they want us to order at lest 20 masks (that is if you want to have stalker masks.

That's alot of fucking masks lol. And if we try to do this, you have to realise that the shipping will be robbery.

Ex : I do the group order for 20 masks. After they arrive to my home, they still have to be shipped to everybody's door. 1 in Vancouver, the other one in Calgary, etc etc.

All that to say that unless you are either willing to pay great shipping fees, OR, if you manage to find 20 persons that want a mask like this AND that lives "nearby" to you... Idk BrassGuard is pissing me off atm lol.
I already had an email exchange with them, the total of the order, SHIPPED is $633 USD, that's about $32 USD per mask already here. I understand that then it's kind of a pain to have to ship it to another city from whoever receives the total order, but it is way cheaper than trying to buy a single one for yourself, since the bulk order and the single order shipping costs almost the same (they are discounting it for the bulk).
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