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Originally Posted by JLiu View Post
Thorough explanation, thanks. What's the purpose of the sandpaper though?

Definitely would not cheap out on paint when the gun's already 50 times more expensive.
Rough up the surface so that the paint bonds better. The primer also does this but it's always good to have extra assurance that it will be good. Think of the difference between something like smooth concrete vs rough concrete. (Not the greatest analogy but imagine it at a macro level, the rough concrete should hold things better than a smooth surface which may wear faster and not hold as well).

Originally Posted by iNick View Post
For the body coat you use flat and not gloss right?
Ideally it would be a flat or ultra flat paint instead of gloss. ie. this stuff:

Although I have used the regular indoor outdoor paint to a decent paintjob (first time). But definitely if you don't want a "shiny" gun then flat or ultra flat and matte clearcoat.
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