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Originally Posted by AdamJasar View Post
this man is a true man

i had no idea there was age limits i thought this was like paintball just no kids running around screaming

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It's a blanket moratorium but there are cases where 16+ was allowed with parent waiver and some fields that allow any age.

Best to check with whoever is running the game (maybe the owner of the field or it may be a club who's rented out the field privately for a day).

Think of it this way, at a restaurant that has a license to serve alcohol. Are you allowed to walk in and buy an alcoholic drink along with your meal? The answer is NO. Now if your parent were with you (I know you can do this in some provinces) then they may order a drink for you.

I know it may be overly harsh but there's good reason for us "adults" (I consider myself a young adult or a new adult I'm only 19) to not like having kids on the field. Usually it's because of the whiny/knowitall attitude. I know it doesn't describe all minors but for the most part I see where they're coming from. Hell it wasn't too long ago that I was 16 or whatever and I actually agree that most kids these days have a "instant gratification attitude" and somewhat worse than when I was that age. Again I didn't say all kids are like that just most and it's easier to have a blanket ban and after some consultation let them play on a case by case basis.

TL;DR. Ask the field owner/admin running the game if you can drop in and have your parents with you so they can have a chat and possibly let you play. It's been done before (I think "Mr.Hitman" was underage and playing but again, need to ask and pray for the best at the end of the day it's still up to the owner/admin to say yes or no).
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