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There are plenty of places to get guns, however, I would highly suggest getting Age Verified first. There are countless of FAQs that I would highly suggest you read. You will be spending money in this sport so doing a little background research is not such a bad idea.

Also, as most of the FAQs suggest, an airsoft sniper rifle is not for people who are just starting off or for their first gun. It's just not practical. You can ALMOST get the same range, consistency, and accuracy with an AEG (Automatic Electric Gun) with minimal upgrades. For a sniper rifle, you will need to put a LOT more money into it to have it on par or more accurate/consistent/etc than an AEG.

Plus, if you want to use sniper rifles that shoot faster, farther, etc, you need to attend sniper clinics and be certified to use certain bolt action rifles.

I can see the attraction towards sniper rifles for a newbie because I too started airsofting not too long ago (Probably a week or so ago). However, I would highly suggest an AEG.

Originally Posted by Chayce View Post
I wish I could upload a few gameplay videos of me on Alliance of Valiant Arms for you guys to compare to.

I am not familiar with airsoft.

What my question is, does the element of surprise work on a typical airsoft match?
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