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Originally Posted by AdamJasar View Post
Stumbled across air soft, looks cool and really wanted to get playing it

I live in Toronto and I'm planning on getting a Air soft Sniper Rifle

just wondering if someone could help me out and direct me to where i can find a decent gun and other equipment i might need to get playing :tup:

Best thing to do is to get AV'd if you can so you'll have access to ASC classifieds were you can find full black evil guns from a variety of company's(TM,CA, RS etc), also a good thing to do is to go out to a local game and try out some gear and guns to know what you like.
EDIT: Get a AEG as your first gun not a sniper this isn't like COD lol
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You can tell a person over and over that 4 + 5 = 9 and show them the mechanics of how addition works, but at the end of the day when you look into their eyes you know damn well that in their heads they still see 4 + 5 = pineapple.
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Harden the fuck up, you liberal pussies.

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