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Originally Posted by JLiu View Post
On topic though, anyone have any suggestions/tips on how to successfully paint a gun (or a link to an informative guide)? I searched and didn't find anything definitive. I'm looking to paint my smoked receiver (KJW G23 pistol) all black to match the slide. Would spray paint work?
Yes, Rough it up a bit with sand paper (120-150 grit should be fine), clean it and wipe it down with mild soapy water (get off the human grease and dust). After DON'T touch with your hands (preferably use gloves so as to not get it oily again). Tape off or take off any parts/areas you don't want paint to get to (ie. take off the slide and take out any parts that could be adversely affected by paint).

Coat with a paint primer first (better bonding), then do thin light layers letting it dry (to the touch ~5-10 mins) in between, after that let it dry (to a finish, I think it's 18 or 24 hours). THEN go over it with a matte clearcoat. (Matte Clear coat vs "Shiny clear coat")

Recommended paints are Krylon (either regular plastic or "camo paint"), and "Rusto" (American Accents Rustoleum). If you can find it and you're cheap Ironlak (Advanced Valve Technologies)) paint works as well (It's like $3.50 a can compared to Krylon which comes in at like $4.00+ (last I checked at Canadian Tire))
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