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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
Guitar case Desperado style FTW! (I use a $15 rifle case I got from Canadian Tire, you can get them from Walmart as well).

OR If you have large amounts of money get an Amati Violin case or something and store a P90 or other small/compact rifle in it. (Anyone get the reference?)
Henrietta. : )

I actually have no interest in anime, but the wiki article came up as I was 'random' button cycling and girls and guns are always a curiosity piquing combination.

On topic though, anyone have any suggestions/tips on how to successfully paint a gun (or a link to an informative guide)? I searched and didn't find anything definitive. I'm looking to paint my smoked receiver (KJW G23 pistol) all black to match the slide. Would spray paint work?

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