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Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post
I'd just like to add in, although a PCB isn't necessary running an older model TM, the new triggermasters are setup for 6v and 9v cutoff on LiPo's.
I'd say it's pretty well mandatory to use PCB's on the newer models. Older models cutoff at 80% of input voltage, which was a nice safe margin above your minimum voltage. But the new models cut off right at your minimum voltage, but with no individual cell voltage monitoring.
I got kind of confused...but think I sort of got it.

So main point is that new TriggerMasters with built in cut off are like "dumb" (sorry Don) cutoffs...they won't really accomplish what needs to be done...which is monitor each cell of the pack.

And, unless I'm mistaken, the 80% cutoff isn't a's a warning buzz. The cutoff is lower isn't it?

80% of a fully charged "11.1v" battery is really 0.8 * 12.6 = that's ok. But if your 3 cell LiPo doesn't start off fully charged you could run into an over discharged state by the time the cutoff kicks in.

I think the cutoff works for a 2 cell LiPo though.
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