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Question Is it Legal to paint your guns?

Recently i ordered a Aftermath Lycaon Mp5j to use until i can meet with someone to get AV'd next month. My idea is in the classifieds I'll buy a long gun, but then have the Mp5j for CQB/Back up. Since it comes clear and a orange tip, what exactly are the law for painting guns, and removing the orange tip (Other than voiding any warranty's.)

Where we play its a wooded area that my friend owns and has a "camp" at, but since its only a few KM away we often just walk there to meet up with others, which would be bearing a replica firearm in public. Everyone in the area knows about us playing airsoft, since at least 60 of the guys around the town play, and the neighbors just joke about us going off to war when they see us.

The group we play with, aren't very Hardcore, as in everyone has one mag, no BDU, and some still play with the Wall-Mart Shotguns .

To sum it up:
The question is, we can get by with walking around with airsoft guns, but i want to paint the receiver black and remove the tip. I was thinking of just painting it but the orange should be enough to let the neighbors know, but i'm just looking for your guys input and knowledge on laws about painting.
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