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Josh G
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Hello ASC

Hello guys and gals,

My name is Josh Gillis, I'm moving back to canada after spending 9.5 years in north carolina. I played Airsoft down here and had a JGM4A1 until the hop up decided it was gonna fall out of the gun *grumbles*. I currently just have a couple springers laying around and really don't use them much except if i want to have fun in the neighboorhood down here in carolina. I have been airsoft about 4 to 5 years, i did a lot of backyard stuff but we ran it a lot like the NCAO rules NCAO is North Carolina Airsofting Organization. I am not part of a team but i am looking for people to run with, my primary role down here till i pulled my ankle last year was fast attack and recon. I ran with a team called 1st NC, they were originally called CRASH then the team split up due to internal reasons that they didn't release to the public.

I am moving to Millbrook, Ontario to get a job and go to college but i want to get back into airsoft i have my eyes set on a gun, so i have an idea of what i want to get. Question is am i going to be able to afford it, it's a 400 dollar gun but after the year and a half performance of the JG M4A1 i want a better gun than that.

But if ya'll have any questions feel free to ask them.


Josh Gillis.
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