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Originally Posted by Lestat_d View Post
Given Kokanees initial test findings indicating optics, goggles (and potentially teeth) are at increased risk to clears - why is the onus solely on players to do further testing and confirm they aren't too damaging?

Shouldn't the supplier be confirming this first before release to the general public, as a responsible move to prevent them appearing in games without all players having informed consent they are in use? Ie Not all hosts appear to be adding 'no clears' to the usual 'no bios' rule - which implies game-on for clear use no?

Just seems like this may be a potential disaster waiting to happen via a 'let's see what happens' approach - or am I missing something?
I have a lot of respect for Jay for standing firm on his stance of distancing himself from the testing (repeatedly, consistently, continually ) of any/all of his products.

His reasoning is valid as he's itterated in the past...[paraphrase] he does not want to be seen in any way shape or form to be an impartial influence in the construct, execution or analysis (rigorous or not) of any tests. His experience has demonstrated to him that the approach that works best (for him) is to have the player base try it, criticize/praise it, and provide feedback. (He'll soak up the criticisms pretty good and is actually quite modest re. praise)

He's willing to do what needs to be done based on that feedback, whether it requires him to develop and source a completely new product line and risking financial stability (i.e. the massive stocks of 0.28's that he almost had to feed his kids with a year or two back) or cancelling an existing product line because they're proven to be substandard/not-wanted. that fair. Yeah, it is. Might not suit everyone...but it works for the majority.

Re. cost....if the costs of BB' they $10/2000 or $30/ too expensive relative to all things involved in airsoft, guys need to reprioritize their budgets.

Personally...I hate the fucking bags that he sells them in. I'd rather buy by the pail full...and just put it into the collection of bags/bottles that I already have. The empty bags (while well made) are too big for storing RDS batteries/odds and ends....and too small for packing radios/headsets/etc...

Renegade) was stunned that he sold out so fast at the last FR game. If the sign up is looking the same for next one, he needs to bring 30-50% more than he did this time. Heavier weights 0.28's are clutch at FR...the open surroundings and shots from one hill to another need a heavier BB to carry predictably. Even then when the wind died down there's still enough breeze to hook long shots.
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