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Originally Posted by krap101 View Post
I'm wondering, will these bb's be much cheaper than the bioval biomax bb's, because 32$ for 3700 bb's, (.27's) seems a bit much, but then again, these will be solely used in my bar-10, so they should last forever. When you think of it in per bb, I guess it comes out to like $.009 per bb, which is still half as much as a paintball.
I think the pricing difference will matter only to a few people with this category of BB. Silicas are a premium, performance product. .28g is a weight level that most BB Bastard customers have standardized on as a preferred performance weight and is compatible with both our ECOBB and our Styrene BB at .28g. The main benefit is hop-up. If you're shooting a Bastard .28, it can be Styrene, Silica or Bio, but due to the weights being identical, you don't have to mess with your gun configuration once its set for this performance level.

With Bastards you buy by the 2000 count, not the weight. It comes out slightly cheaper per bag and per BB, but, most of my customers prefer 2000 count simply because of the form factor of a 2000 count bag and its lower cost per purchase event. Don't forget, 75% my product is sold at fields on game day. Being able to fill a couple mags and shove the bag in a cargo pocket or M16 mag is a convenience most people like. Sticking 1kg of BBs in a cargo pocket or M16 mag pouch isn't viable, its either too heavy or doesn't fit. Splitting a 1kg bag takes planning and people like being able to buy on game day and get on with the game, not distribute their BB loads.
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