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Originally Posted by highny View Post
So what's the best way to increase my ROF on a normal AEG?... and in what order is best?..

I heard that, Battery is the easiest, if you increase too high of voltage, it'll burn out your motor?...

Next is the motor, high speed one would be good along the battery, then the gears along with bushing.

Let me know what you think and know.
Going up to 1000rpm is fine on most AEGs, thats a 9.6v mini or 8.4v large batt. But anything above it more and more likely to break things, especially when your above 330fps. And a 9.6v large battery will melt your trigger contacts.

1)Battery, MOSFET switch
2)piston, sorbo pad, properly shimmed gears, metal bushings. If you have CA/TM/G&G gears, you'll need better gears.
2)Rest of your internals, motor
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