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I'm usually playing as a sniper and on some occasions, assault.

But I did one game as a LMGer using an RPK and it was very refreshing.

Basically, my role was laying down supressive fire while my teamates would move into position to flank or assault. While they form a skirmish line and fire at the ennemy on semi and move in bounding 2 mans teams, I would keep up with them and keept a large volume of fire outgoing. It was easyer to do with a drum-mag and full auto compared to 30-60 rounds lowcaps.

If you play milsim and everyone respect the roles and limitations of it's weapon and position, a LMGer will be spraying a lot of BBs while covering your team movement. Compared to assaulter, wich purpose was delivering more aimed shots and manuvering for the kill.

Comments from people playing against us was: "Man, how many of you where there? it was an incessant barrage of fire!"

I think the cheapest LMG you can buy is the RPK or MG36. Modded AK47 will run you probably sub 1k$ compared to a M249 that will be over 1K$ stock.

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