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Originally Posted by highny View Post
Can't find any local dealer who sells large amount of good quality bbs. Once I'm using is metal tech, and it's 20 bucks for 3000... But with 8 bucks, I can get 2500 none polish bbs, and 10 bucks for 5000 bio bbs... Cure, it's just a bit more for higher quality, but shipping is going to kill me.
Out west, Metal Tech are the prominent brand of BBs. They're everywhere. And they're top quality BBs. I used them and would recommend them to anyone.

However, you could just ORDER BB Bastards. They're top quality BBs (many would argue the best available in Canada) and cost $10 for a bag of 2000.

And the velocity of your gun has no bearing. Cheap BBs will damage your hopup and leave residue inside your barrel, even possibly damaging the inner barrel. Also cheap, unpolished BBs don't have consistent sizing. That means they affect your accuracy, as they don't all leave the barrel at the same velocity and with the same amount of hop, They can potentially jam your barrel too. Jams can actually lead to internal mechbox damage - anything from a damaged nozzle to blowing out pistons and / or gears because of overpressure in the barrel preventing the piston from being able to return to battery. It's not a pretty thing.

When you take all into consideration, the small amount you initially save by using cheapo BBs can very quickly surpassed several times over in repairs to your gun. And this goes for ANY gun, not just a SAW.
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