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Really? Even though it shoots like 325 fps? With a stock barrel, the damage will still affect it? I believe the hop up will give up pretty quickly, but it seems like a cheap replacement.

Can't find any local dealer who sells large amount of good quality bbs. Once I'm using is metal tech, and it's 20 bucks for 3000... But with 8 bucks, I can get 2500 none polish bbs, and 10 bucks for 5000 bio bbs... Cure, it's just a bit more for higher quality, but shipping is going to kill me.

If you can relate a saw to a Lamborghini then I really REALLY want one! Haha. And isn't a part oh owning an expensive car is to show off most of the time?
And just like 90% of high end cars these days, they won't start without premium fuel....

Apply that analogy to airsoft for BBs. As you mentioned some hop ups etc are cheap to replace, but why not just not have to replace them at all by spending the few extra dollars and getting bastards?
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