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Carrying it isn't going to be much of an issue, I consider it as working out

I know Ammo will be costly, but considering how much I shoot, I don't think it'll make much difference. Beside, I'm not planning on using high quality bbs.

Here's what I don't like to do, maybe you guys could guild me into fitting a better weapon category.

I hate to get on my belly(bug issue and allergy).
I enjoy shooting, keeping others head down. Cover fire you say? I'm on it!
Have gun's that's not common, like m4/m16s.... And I hate AKs...
I like defending a base, but I also enjoy staying near the back of the group(after eating a few bbs and catching a few on my cheek, no thank you!).

That's about it.

PS: why does saw cost so much more than a average AEG? Isn't a saw just like an AEG but with a drum mag?...
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