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just wanted to say welcome to the game, im fairly new myself, im actually running a fairly similar setup, Velocity Arms V733-F (m4 CQB) is my gun, i love the colt 1911 a few of my team mates use them, i just picked one up myself breaking it in next Sunday, yes some games use sidearms like stated before, when I play we usually play with gun hits, so basically if my M4 gets hit by a BB I switch out to my side arm. as far as air soft in your back yard... not such a good idea, what i do when i borrow a bolt action, or use a scope/change hop up for conditions, I ask who ever is running the field if there is an area where i can shoot just to site in, their usually is if not you can always take some time to do it just before the game starts once your in position.
I have also setup boxes to shoot at (lots and lots of card board in cased) just to make sure nothing happens
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