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I seen it before, this is the 1911 variant right? I don't think its for sale any longer in Canada... Or at least legally?

****Actually, I have kind of an urgent question...****

I was just looking at my rifle just now close up in detail. Looking at the semi-clear plastic main body parts of my ICS M4 CQB, I found some(maybe 4-5) "fractures" or "scratch"..

I am not sure how to describe this. They're not really cracks per-say, as these "fractures" doesn't go right thru the plastic(plastics crack kind of like glass, at least that's what I think?), but they are kind of like scratches, some are very short(like less then 4mm) but one is pretty long(like more then 4cm). One of these "fractures" or scratch curves too in kind of an "S" pattern too... Is this normal?

I know plastic don't have the same density and durability as metal... But these worries me. I just got this rifle for 4 days so far, I haven't even used it yet(today was suppose to be my first game, but due to family matters I was not able to attend). I have just been modding the gun and putting my grip and sights on it. Any ideas? I will try to post some pictures ASAP...

Pictures posted below(they're not the best, but should give you an idea what I am saying) :

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