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@ Shatter


jk... hehe :P

But yes, I was excited when I saw the info on FACT. If I have the time I will drop by FACT for sure. I read and saw lots of short clips on CQB combat tactics before, such as what position to hold your pistol(vs. what you see on T.V. holding pistol pointing up with both hands tucked against the side of your chest... sigh.. ) when you are at a corner, etc etc...

Also, been interested in defensive parts of Systema(only defensive parts against guns or knives pointing at you). Hope I can properly learn it someday.

Again, so much to do and so little time.. I have a young one now, and parent-hood drains your free time faster then a vampire at a blood bank... hahah...

P.S - for TTAC3, and practical shooting courses, which GBB pistol is the best? My personal fav and what I am planning to get is the 1911 MEU, a few people on here have advised its accurate and a pistol with a nice build. But I was also looking at the M9 IA version(if I'm not mistaken, with the bottom 20mm rail)... Also, friend recommended the Glock 27, which is small and easy to pull from my cross-draw holster. Any recommendations? What are most of you guys using? Choices choices....

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