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Originally Posted by highny View Post
OH ok!..

So how do you make one? Like what type of material would you use?... I'm assuming foaming between the outer barrel and inner barrel? Since foam can be shock resistance.

Or would some kind of soft wood be better?
I like that idea, first I've heard of it, using dense foam. Get a dollar store 'flutter board' and buy a circle cutter set, cut as close as you can to the inner diameter of your outer barrel and 1/4" in the middle of the disk, shove onto your inner barrel and stuff in. Should work just fine without deflecting the iner barrel (if you buy a quality one, they will be tough to flex).

But ya, they do stabilize the inner barrel and this increases the accuracy/consistancy. Is why most airsoft Armalites suck for that, they are only supported at the hop up, no where else.
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