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Well, I mean, goggles like flakjacks can survive buckshot from a shotgun. What we need is high speed footage of each bb hitting a hard object. I mean, I just returned a camera that could do 1000fps, (it was 115$) but lighting would be an issue. Also, 1000fps isn't enough imo. At 500 fps, you'll get like 2 seconds of footage if you're like a foot away. I don't think goggles are as big of an issue as glass, because instead of the bb deforming, the goggles would deform slightly to absorb more impact. (think kevlar vest). Another thing is that, unless you're shooting bb's at like a concrete block, I'm not totally convinced that the bb's (plastic) deform in any meaningful way. A sphere is the most compact shape (that's why "bubbles" on deep sea ships are spheres, because they can cope with the most pressure). In the same way, I don't think a bb would deform before it would shatter. Something like a tennis ball deforms because it's outer shell is elastic and it's filled with air. And for ballistic protection, they're also dealing with projectiles moving 2 or 3 times faster, and maybe 2-3 maybe up to 10 times heavier. From a quick search, the muzzle velocity of a shotgun is around 1600fps. So the kinetic energy that ballistic goggles have to cope with is around 30 times more, depending on how fast your bb's travel, how heavy they air, and what kind of buckshot you're using. (assuming the buckshot is 3x heavier and 3x faster)

Anyways, sorry for the long post...
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