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High initial investment for airsoft and then once it starts to approach to being cheaper than paintball something new comes out that you absolutely "MUST HAVE". (Just like me, I "need" to get my hands on a new Type-56 but it's not happening with the amount of savings I have and the fact that the government is screwing us students who make little to no money with tuition hikes).

It's not illegal to import for the "common man/general public" but very very hard. I can't really go into details since I don't know the process 100% but basically you need some sort of paperwork and it may have to go to an RCMP testing lab (at your own expense and even then it may take a week or may take a year or more, and you're not 100% guaranteed that it will pass).

Another way is a BFL (Business Firearms License) for movie studios but are expensive to apply for and maintain (to the tune of like $10,000 a year, possibly more) and you must have: a good reason, an established brick and mortar props store/studio, and have established industry contacts and relationships.

Here, I'll be nice, you're different than most noobs that come to the forum (likely because you're a mature adult and not a "kidiot" with a large private forest/acreage to play on yet can't afford a $350 gun):

PS: Looks like you're from winterpeg. You're probably going to XT (Xtreme Tactics) then, I think Amos is one of the local Age Verifiers.
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