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There's the FAQ section you should read which explains this but the M4/16's that you're looking at likely have "smoked lowers", which are clear enough to conform to the import laws but from a distance harder to tell.

Second, once in Canada it's fully legal to own (illegal to transfer but for the most part it's not pursued (unless something really really stupid happens) because the crown has bigger things to worry about than a law abiding university student/tradesman/professional playing with a toy gun at a paintball field). It's only illegal (well actually very hard without the paperwork/testing required) for the general public to import black guns (and probably not worth the trouble to import a single clear gun).

PS: Fill out your profile and make an effort to contact an AV rep if there's going to be one (also make sure to WRITE your name down exactly as it's spelled here, there have been some problems with users or the rep spelling the username wrong and confusion happening).

Also when at the game it's a lot easier to ask questions from the vets since it's on the fly communication instead of back and forth replies like on a forum and there's a lot of info that you might want to/need to know (way too much to type but that's what the FAQ's are for).

PPS: Yes it will, I'm already down around $1000 and I'm a university student, I just drink less beer (yay for Asian genes (I have a deficiency of the enzymes that break down alcohol)), and don't waste my money on buying girls drinks or shit like that. Over time it's actually cheaper but usually the "I want another gun" psychology takes over and you end up buying another gun, so really it's about the same price in the end.
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