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Canadian laws on clear/non-clear airsoft guns?

Hey guys,

I read another thread similar to this before posting - and I just want to make it clear I am NOT trying to buy an airsoft gun (I know I am not age verified yet, first post after all :P) I am just looking for the Canadian laws regarding them, because i'm somewhat confused.

It seems their guns pretty much all say..

- Nylon fiber + glass fiber lower receiver, tinted clear glass fiber reinforcedupper receiver conforming to Canadian regulations, blacked out gear box
But if you look at their "Not available for civilian use" weapons - they are all metal. Then, on other Canadian sites it seems G36c's have clear , but M16's do not.

Can someone clear this up for me? What IS allowed for civilians, what is not? Is it bound by only replicas? Only certain guns? It's just confusing to see several M16's non-clear and available to anyone, but G36c's non-clear are only available to non civilians.

PS Going out to play airsoft tonight for the first time, I have a feeling this will suck me in like paintball once did!


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