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Originally Posted by krap101 View Post
I mean that's true for something like goggles and walls and such, but when getting hit, I don't understand how it could hurt more. something with the same weight size etc, will hurt the same imo, unless the bb deforms or shatters when it hits your skin, but right now I'm thinking that the bb is so much harder than your skin, that it will be basically the same.

In physics, (last semester) we learned about conservation of momentum, where an object bouncing off imparts the same force on the wall, but the net change in momentum in doubled. (totally elastic collision).

Density of the plastic bb and the glass bb will be the same, as density is mass over volume, and mass and volume are the same. You're thinking it will impart more energy upon impact because it doesn't deform (that is true), but I'm talking about getting hit (you as in person).
Your missing the point. The damage to tissue is not the issue.. (fuck that rhymes). Its the striking damage potential to eye protection, try to remember that in real life ballistic eye protection is not meant to repel repeated assaults, the plastics and polymers will deform and eventually their ability to maintain their structural integrity will be compromised, and possible eye damage will occur. This is a serious health risk for players, as we can all recover from minor damage caused by occasional penetration to skin, but any ocular damage will most likely leave us irrevocably crippled, and that is what we wish to avoid. If these silica bb's accelerate this weakening process then we need to explore and determine by what order of magnitude and if the levels of danger are unacceptable (which many agree they are).
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