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Originally Posted by VooDooPeteK View Post
I have seen blood from normal .25's its part of playing the game...

if something is being shot at you you have to expect the worse.... NO?
The worse is a through and through

Originally Posted by krap101 View Post
I'm still curious of why them hitting you would hurt more.. (sorry, very passive sentence, but needed the effect). Since you're (skin) isn't that hard, the bb won't deform. If the bb doesn't deform, hardness won't make a difference, so a .28 will be a .28. On the other hand, if you hit something such as a car windshield, something hard against something hard, the plastic bb deforming will absorb some of the impact (think car bumper). The one thing I might think of, is I'm assuming the glass is smoother, so maybe slightly more aerodynamic, so maybe more energy upon striking?
It's the density strength thing. I'm physics retarded, but from what I know glass has a strong density which does not break when it hits daily hard surfaces. As a result the kinetic energy is directly transfer to the obstruction.

Polymer bbs or bio material aren't as strong, when they hit an hard surface they tend to deform, break. In a sense, not all the energy is transfer to the surface, some goes to destroying the bb itself.
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