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Thanks Kuro.

Yes I understand, I don't mean literally "in your backyard"... what I meant was in your home or basement - as in your own space. I have a friend that lives in a house I am thinking of going over to his basement to tune out the rifle. There was actually a post about someone getting AEG taken away by cops because they were shooting their AEGs in the woods on here... I remember reading it... I thought it was very irresponsible. AEGs can do serious harm to people without protection.

Speaking about verification... I think I am going to call the AV place tomorrow, I think I made a mistake telling the person my user name on AirsoftCanada, I think I told them "Teriases" with a capital T instead of "teriases".... -_-

How long does this process take...? I think the person said 1wk? Didn't hear it properly....

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