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Originally Posted by jamesb View Post
The krylon on my 416 is showing no ware at all- except where I painted over my DE magpul pistol grip, where it is rubbing off. I notice that when i painted the grip, I probably didnt let it dry long enough in between coats and put it on too thick, resulting in several spots on the grip that felt tacky even after the full 7 days, and which could be easily scratched off by a fingernail. If I had done a perfect job with the krylon camo, would it have scratched off, or stayed on permanently?- and even if I had followed protocol, would I stil need to coat it with a primer to secure the krylon base? (you mentioned Workable Fixatif , but that's for art? - do the matte krylon primers hold up?
Dude its been more than 2 years, no need to bring up an old thread from the dead. Jeez.
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