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Hi guys,

Thanks for the feed back.

I got the grip for like $20, so its not too bad.. You are right, it doesn't feel "SOLID"... I kinda sways forward a bit, but, overall its ok - for now... As for the solid grips... I saw the Magpul angled grip... Maybe I'll get that one too for compact designs.

Also - I live in an apartment... It is hard to setup a target at home to practice, and at least get my rifle's sight zeroed... Are there any shooting ranges I can goto for airsoft?? Or is it pretty much "your own backyard" kinda deal... Any suggestions? I think I know how to setup a target - With a good sized fully closed cardboard box with extra cardboard padding behind, and stuff lots of crumbled newspaper stuffing inside. Correct me if I am wrong.

I was able to drop by Army Issue in Mississauga to do age verification today, so I'll be age verified soon.

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